"God created man in his own image" Genesis 1:27

Many of my followers have asked me, 'if God made all men perfect and in his own image, then where do retards come from?' While this answer is fairly straight-forward to a learned man of the Bible, it sickens me to the very pit of my stomach that some pathetic people have the nerve to suggest that God actually created these filthy limbless monsters. They say to me 'How did God get it so wrong?', like these wretched creatures have anything to do with him. It's utterly offensive to even suggest that God, in his infinite wisdom, would create something as loathsome and repulsive a a spastic child. So let me tell you exactly where these disgusting beasts come from. They are the seed of Hell itself.

From the first book of the Holy Bible, Genesis, which deals with the creation of the Earth, the birth of man, and the banishment of Lucifer and his Demons to Earth.

'The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God [Fallen Angels - Demons] came unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them.' Genesis 6:4

And there it is. During the early days of the Earth we find out exactly where retards come from. They are the product of Demons raping women. The spawn of Satan. Half-demon children with spastic retardation and other defects. And the Bible goes on to teach that these filthy Demon half-breeds created hate and disorder. Turning man against man, until the World was full of evil and wickedness. And it made God weep.

'And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. The LORD was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart.And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for I am sorry that I have made them.' Genesis 6:6-8

Of course, you will ask what proof do we have that retards today are the descendants of those filthy half-Demon hybrids that caused the destruction of mankind? That they have the same blood running through their twisted limbs as the Demons cast out of Heaven? Well let me remind you of your original question. If God is so perfect then why would he create a retard? I think the answer is in the question. He wouldn't. These creatures are the spawn of Hell, and anyone who suggests otherwise is not only insulting me, he is insulting God.

So let's get one thing straight here, these filthy retards are not even human. They are worthless slobbering stammering stuttering piecies of excrement. An abomination to God. They are a burden on our economy. They are a burden on the poor mothers who bore them, though I have no doubt those mothers must have done something to deserve such deformed repulsive babies. They were probably whores, fornicators, alcoholics, wiccans, satanists, losers, junkies, homosexuals or Jews to have been cursed with twisted limbless demon children like that. You would never catch a True Christian giving birth to one of these defective mongeloid monsters.

They are a burden on the tax-payer, that we pump all our hard-earned dollars into homes to house these illiterate mongeloids, that we fund their spastic activities, and gain nothing in return.

I was walking along the street just the other day when one of these dumb animals was blocking my passage, holding up the Lords work. I tried several times to get around this pathetic animal, who was walking like a wounded chimpanzee. It took all of my strength of character and good will not to push this twisted limbless monster flat on his ugly spastic head. It angered me that here was me pursuing the Lords work, and Lucifer had put such a repulsive obstacle in my path.

It would be worth noting that since I have started this website, many of our avid readers have emailed me, voicing their opinions on this subject. Their main complaint was about the horrendous waste of our government economy on these useless creatures. Money that could be used for good Christian causes, such as building new Churches. They suggest things to me like ‘Let’s put all these retards to good use’. If God intended them to act like animals, let us treat them as animals. Every home could have one. They can train monkeys and dogs, how easy would it be to train a retard to do menial tasks around the home? Take out the trash, switch on the microwave oven, collect the mail, the kids could play fetch with it. It would be very cheap to run, you could feed it the left-over food from the trash, build it a kennel for outside the house. Heaven forbid anyone would want one of these drooling vegetables living in their own homes. Yes, many good ideas and encouraging points to all this, and It would be easy to forget how dangerous they are.

No, but this would be wrong. It would be like inviting Satan into our homes. God has shown me all the signs. These filthy Godless creatures will turn on us come Judgement day. Then we will see them for the Hell-hounds they truly are.

Then we have other equally dangerous retardations such as schizophrenia and epilepsy, otherwise known to the Christian world as 'Demon Possession'. I love it how men of science use big fancy words to describe something men of God have known about for 1000s of years.

Up until a few years ago my Church used to organise trips to our local retard home, so we could get a look at these filthy animals close-up. I used to take a few of my children at a time, and get them to stare into these creatures eyes, until they saw the demon within. Some would see it right away, while others took a few hours, but all saw their true faces within the first visit. Have you ever stared into a retards eyes? Because until you have you won't know what i'm talking about. You can really see the wild animal in there. The demon. You can see them for what they truly are. Their hatred for my God, their denial of him.

I for one can't wait till all retards burn. Praise Jesus!


Surveys have revealed that a shocking 75% of all assaults and violent attacks in Public Schools and in the streets are carried out by children with retardations! (The other 25% we assume is by Goths). These violent retards that have somehow been given free reign to attend 'normal' schools and wander the streets, looking for teachers to assault, people to murder or women to rape. Gone are the days when these foul and violent animals remain locked in their parents basements / attics.

This violent and disruptive behavior by retard students has ranged from defecating in the classroom to the regular battering of teachers and even the murder of other students.

According to Department of Education figures, 4.8 million school-age children are defined as disabled, the vast majority (3.5 million) of whom fall into such broad categories as the learning disabled and those with speech and language impairments -- groupings that include the hyperactive, which are one of the most violent types of retard. About 550,000 are mentally retarded, while deaf and blind students number just under 100,000.

But also mainstreamed are the disabled children with Down syndrome and the autistic, who require a great deal of personal attention, who sometimes are not toilet trained (requiring schools to provide special diapering rooms) and who can become very violent indeed.

If they would just simply sterilize these beast when they are born, and administer hysterectomies to the befouled women who birth these repulsive abominations, these retard attacks on 'normal' children would not be happening.


There is a great difference between unfortunate people injured in accidents that end up wheelchair-bound, and the demons born with spastic retardation which we consider evil incarnate.

You are truly ignorant if you think that these twisted malformed demons are actually human. Down syndrome or mongolism, cerebal palsy, spina bifida, epilepsy and all other retardations are well known tell-tale signs of Demon activity. Then we have the wretched thalidomides, these man-made demons were first created in the 1960s by the evils of science and alchemy, pregnant women poisoned by blasphemous drugs that transformed their unborn children into twisted limbless monsters. Science will not stop in its evil pursuit to undo God, cloning humans, and trying to be a God will result in the ultimate punishment. These are not scientific advancements as people would have you believe. This is the work of the Devil, poisoning the world and creating monsters, weapons of mass destruction and spastic children.

Many of these retards are nothing more than brute beasts that shamelessly consume their own mucous the way vile dogs eat their own vomit. Their mind is of such a reprobate nature they are given to sexually gratifying themselves in public while their physically disabled cohorts take exorbitantly long periods of time to walk down narrow hallways, slowing the progress of those not despised by God and impeding their holy endeavors. Then you have their hearing-impaired cousins who talk in some foreign language that sounds like dolphin-speak. You think this is normal? They use some sort of hand-code to talk, and who knows what these dumb animals are signing? They could be saying 'F*ck Jesus', 'Worship Lucifer' or just about anything, and we can't hear a word of it. These retards are very devious.

Cripples, retards and people with learning disabilities are abominable to God, and are worthy only of death for their depraved slobbering, staggering, stammering ways. Why should they be given the best parking spaces? Why should we waste precious resources on wheelchairs and crutches? If it is God's will that they should not walk, then let them crawl like the snakes they are!

The Bible quite clearly teaches that these retards and quite repulsive in the eyes of God. Here is what Leviticus says about it.

21:16 And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,
21:17 Speak unto Aaron, saying, Whosoever he be of thy seed in their generations that hath any blemish, let him not approach to offer the bread of his God.
21:18 For whatsoever man he be that hath a blemish, he shall not approach: a blind man, or a lame, or he that hath a flat nose, or any thing superfluous,
21:19 Or a man that is brokenfooted, or brokenhanded,
21:20 Or crookbackt, or a dwarf, or that hath a blemish in his eye, or be scurvy, or scabbed, or hath his stones broken;
21:21 No man that hath a blemish of the seed of Aaron the priest shall come nigh to offer the offerings of the LORD made by fire: he hath a blemish; he shall not come nigh to offer the bread of his God.
21:22 He shall eat the bread of his God, both of the most holy, and of the holy.
21:23 Only he shall not go in unto the vail, nor come nigh unto the altar, and thuse desecrate my sanctuary

God can't stand the sight of blind or handicapped people. The blind, the lame, dwarfs, people with funny noses or blemishes, with damaged testicles, or broken hands or feet, crooked backs, or who have scurvy or scabs, or who have anything superfluous must not approach the altar of God i.e. The Church. All Churches that build cheelchair ramps and retard access for these freaks, when God quite clearly states they should NOT go anywhere near his Churches, will burn in Hellfire. They are disobeying a direct order of God.

God hates these retards, and the Malleus Maleifiarum (a book blessed and ordained by the Pope, when the Catholic Church wasn't out raping little kids, and used to 'cure' 9 million worthless witches) states quite clearly that these retards are part of Lucifer's army, his Children here on Earth. As God hates them, if we did not hate them too what kind of Christians would we be? We hate with pure righteous hatred, and Gods clear judgement, all who oppose and are hated by our God.



Of course many people also write to us to voice their disgust at the message of truth our website preaches. They say we must be 'sick in the head', and 'Christian's shouldn't really be thinking like this'. Like they know anything about Christianity. I bet half of these pathetic freaks have never been near a Church, let alone inside one. How do they know what Christianity is all about? It's really quite simple, they don't.

They seem to think it is only MY Church that speaks out against the evils of retardation. That it is only MY Church that hates these pathetic freaks. Well let me tell them something, that couldn't be further from the truth. For years Churches have been telling people spastic children are an abomination. And trust the Westboro Baptist Church to get in on the act.

Not only does this wonderful Christian institution picket dead soldier's funerals, fag weddings and all sorts of heathen trash, but now they have started picketing handicapped care homes. Praise Jesus that someone else is talking a stand against retarded scum and repulsive mongoloid trash!

Westboro Baptist Church founder Pastor Fred Phelps proclaimed, “God doesn’t hate cripples because they’re crippled. Cripples are crippled because God hates them.",

In their last retard protest in Tulsa, Oklahoma, several members of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas and half a dozen local supporters took to the streets outside of a hospice for handicapped adults to protest the deviant and defective lifestyle of the mentally and physically disabled.

From newspaper reports, the protesters made it quite clear they do not believe in the potential for redemption of any disabled person and are not moved by a desire to save them; rather, they wish merely to torment the objects of God’s hate and disgust, while calling for a retraction of all special privileges society currently grants them, including wheelchair ramps and handicapped parking spots. Praise Jesus!

And from what was described as a 'bizarre moment' in the press, a young man relegated to a wheelchair by cerebral palsy entered their group and joined in a chorus of, “When a tard dies, God laughs” before being yelled at by one of the Westboro followers to: “Roll his crippled ass to hell”! Halleluja!

It makes a Christian man proud to know others are supporting the cause.


Of course not all retards are dumb animals. Some retardations can be well hidden. This is where they really come into their own in their attack on our faith. The Bible warns us of this in Genesis 6:4, when it describes many of these retards as being 'Giants' and 'men of renoun'. The word 'Giants' is refering the influence they had upon the society at the time. For these were NOT good characters. For they lead the World to revolt against God, and into Hell.

The Bible warns us that many of the retards who walk among us will look as normal men, and it is no surprise that throughout the ages many evil dictators, many tyrants, and also most scientists have had retarded 'genes' (as they call them). This is what we refer to as the 'Retard Agenda'. Demons walking among us with retardations intent in causing chaos, leading people away from God with lies of science, destroying Nations, and reaping destruction and calamity upon us.

Of course this will be covered in our own Rev C Todd's book 'The Retard Agenda', which will be released in all good Christian book-stores this coming Fall.

Here is a brief list of people with known retardations throughout the ages, and their links to the evils of science, lust for power and the occult -

Julius Ceasar – Evil Dictator (Retardation – epilepsy)
Alexander the Great – Evil Dictator (Retardation – learning retardation)

Alexander Graham Bell – Evil Scientist / Inventor telephone (Retardation – learning retardation)

Albert Einstein – Evil Scientist, Satanist links, wrote ‘theory of relativity’.  (Retardation - Aspergers Syndrome, autism, dyslexia)

Cyrus – Satanic King / major figure in the Satanic Islam religion  (Retardation – learning retardation ADHD)

Muhammad – Evil Prophet of Satanic Islam religion  (Retardation – learning retardation ADHD)

Genghis Khan – Evil Dictator  (Retardation – learning retardation ADHD)

Isaac Newton – Scientist / Liar. Came up with the ‘theory’ of gravity. Gravity is a lie, the only force that prevents us from falling off the Earth is God’s will.  (Retardation – epilepsy / stutter)

Archimedes – Evil scientist / Mathematician, invented the ‘Death Ray’  (Retardation – learning retardation ADHD)
Adolf Hitler – Evil Nazi Dictator, Bi-sexual and Goth Icon  (Retardation – Parkinson’s disease)

John Lennon – Satanic recording artist, hated Christ  (Retardation – learning retardation ADHD)

Elvis Presley – Satanic recording artist  (Retardation – diabetes)

Stephen Hawking – Satanic Scientist, possible Anti-Christ. Well known for his ugly deformed appearance and his creepy robot voice, which terrifies children Worldwide. (Retardation – Motor Neuron Disease)

Ian Curtis – Satanic recording artist, Nazi sympathiser, committed suicide  (Retardation –epilepsy)

Lord Byron – Poet, bi-sexual, practiced incest, obsessed with vampires  (Retardation – epilepsy)

Nelson Rockefeller – Former President of the United States with liberal leanings, divorcee, fornicator  (Retardation – dyslexia)

Anthony Kiedis – Satanic recording artist, pervert, cause riot in Woodstock ‘99  (Retardation – lisp)

Harriett Tubman – Satanic revolutionary, blasphemer  (Retardation – narcolepsy)

Axl Rose – Satanic recording artist, drug abuse, evil lyrics inspired the Virginia Tech massacre.  (Retardation – bi-polar disorder)

Werner Von Braun – Evil SS Nazi scientist. Moved to the USA and joined NASA, the Satanic Organization who faked the Moon landings (Retardation – learning retardation)

Steven Spielberg – Satanic film director, Directed ‘Close Encounters’, ‘ET’, and many other evil Science fiction films lying about Alien existence  (Retardation – dyslexia)

Cher – Recording artist, divorcee, whore  (Retardation – dyslexia)

Elton John – Fag recording artist  (Retardation – epilepsy)

Ozzy Osbourne – Satanic recording artist, drug addict, eats live bats on stage, calls himself the ‘Prince of Darkness’  (Retardation – dyslexia)

Ronald Reagan – Former Satanic President of the United States, divorcee, fornicator  (Retardation - Alzheimer's)

Walt Disney – Gay sympathiser, allows ‘Gay Days’ at his Satanic theme parks.  (Retardation – dyslexia)

Richard Jobson – Satanic punk recording artist  (Retardation – epilepsy)

Henry Winkler – Played perverted TV character ‘The Fonz’  (Retardation - dyslexia and dysgraphia)

Michael J Fox – Actor, best known from ‘Back to the Future’ films. (Retardation – Parkinson’s)

James Earl Jones – Actor. Voice of ‘Darth Vader’ in ‘Star Wars’ movies.   (Retardation – stutter)

Isaac Asimov – Satanic Science fiction writer with links to Scientology  (Retardation – autism)

Martin Scorsese – Violent film director.  (Retardation – asthma)

Alice Cooper – Satanic recording Artist, prevents mice from solving mazes (Retardation – asthma)

Sylvester Stallone – Satanic actor started off as a hardcore porn star, later appeared in sick science fiction films such as Judge Dredd and Demolition Man  (Retardation – facial paralysis, speech retardation)

Audre Lorde – Gay activist, gay poet, lesbian  (Retardation – blind)

Judi Chamberlin – Mental Patient Activist (Retardation – clinical depression)

Harilyn Rousso – Disability Rights Activist (Retardation – retarded)

Meatloaf – Grotesquely fat Satanic recording artist, appeared in sick perverted bi-sexual film ‘Rocky Horror Picture show’, recorded ‘Bat out of Hell’. How does he know bats exist in Hell unless he has been there.  (Retardation – diabetes)

Helen Keller – Heathen, Deaf/Blind Activist, woman’s rights activist, birth control supporter (Retardation – blind and deaf)

Hans Christian Anderson – Satanic writer of ‘Fairy’ tales, was actually a homosexual  (Retardation – dyslexia)

Winston Churchill –Satanic Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, liberal, alcoholic  (Retardation - speech impediment / stutter)

Henry Ford – Evil Scientist / inventor of the motor car. 1000s die every year in car accidents because of this man  (Retardation – dyslexia)

Dr Temple Grandin – Evil Scientist  (Retardation – autism)

Pythagoras – Evil scientist / Mathematician  (Retardation – epilepsy)

Quentin Tarantino – Violent film director, his film ‘Natural Born Killers’ inspired Columbine  (Retardation – dyslexia)

Marilyn Munroe – Actress, whore, adulteress (Retardation – stutter)

Christopher Reeve – Actor, played Superman in ‘Superman’ movies, brainwashing children into thinking a man could fly.   (Retardation – paralysed)

Bret Michaels – Heavy metal recording artist, cross dresser, whore  (Retardation – diabetes)

Leonardo da Vinci – Satanic artist and scientist, invented the bicycle, author of Satanic book ‘the Da Vinci Code’  (Retardation – dyslexia)

President Roosevelt – Satanic President of the United Stated, divorcee, fornicator   (Retardation – paralysed)

Bruce Willis – Actor, in Satanic Sci-fi movies ‘Twelve Monkeys’, ‘Armageddon’ and ‘ The 5th Element’, and Satanic Horror ‘Sixth Sense’ about conversing with the dead (Retardation – stutter)

Napoleon – Evil Dictator / Revolutionary  (Retardation – epilepsy)

Whoopi Goldberg – actress, played a psychic in ‘ghost’ - a film about conversing with spirits  (Retardation – learning retardation)

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin – Evil Russian Dictator and communist  (Retardation – epilepsy)

Michael Jackson – Recording artist, pedophile allegations. Famous for his ‘Thriller’ video about zombies.  (Retardation - Skin pigment disorder Vitiligo)

Neil Young – Satanic recording artist  (Retardation – epilepsy)

Thomas Alva Edison – Evil Scientist, inventor of lighbulb, cinema camera, record player.  (Retardation – Deaf, learning retardation)

Isaac Newton – Satanic Scientist / Astronomer / Physicist (Retardation – learning retardation ADHD)

Rosa Luxemburg – Satanic Marxist / Philosopher / Revolutionary  (Retardation – limp)

Che Guevara – Evil Left-wing revolutionary  (Retardation – asthma)

Tom Cruise – Evil Scientologist. Played a vampire in ‘Interview with a Vampire’  (Retardation – severe dyslexia)

H.G. Wells – Author of Satanic Sci-fi book ‘War of the Worlds’  (Retardation – diabetic)


Many worthless freaks believe science is fact, while the Bible is a lie. I find that quite pathetic, since the only people who seem to come up with the actual 'proof' that science is fact are the scientists themselves. Well why wouldn't they? They have to protect their meaningless jobs.

I find that amuzing, since we know the truth. We believe in factual faith, where as they believe in 'science-fiction'. We are men of God, while they are deceivers of science.

Seriously, how are we meant to believe anything some worthless scientist tells us, when it is clearly a lie and fabrication to attack our God. ALL Scientists are in league with Lucifer, their plan to blast our heads so full of nonsense that we believe more in their far-out-trash, than in God almighty.

Genetics, dinosaurs, men on the moon. All bullshit. For every co-called fact they can give me, i can dismiss it as fabricated nonsense. It's already a well-known-fact that all the moon landings were faked. Man has never set foot into space, and I would be willing to bet that nothing else has either. All the pictures from so-called sattelites ... FAKE, all pictures from other plantes ... FAKE, and how can we believe most so-called fossils are truly what they say if their so-called carbon dating bullshit comes from these perverting scientists too? In truth - We can't.

Oh we have all seen the pictures of a cloned sheep. Like all sheep don't look identical. Prove to me it was cloned, and not just some slight-of-hand magician's trick to make the masses actually believe cloning is possible.

I was pulled into a debate on this subject by pathetic scientists on a forum I was posting to. So in an effort to prove these pathetic scientists wrong, I set them a task. They ask me to prove my God exists? Well I asked them to prove to me the Earth is round, not flat. Prove this to me - NOT with so-called 'genuine' pictures from 'outerspace', or any of your other science fiction bullshit.

Because we know that it is flat, and that God lets people 'flip' to the other side safely.

Isaiah 40:22 says 'It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth', CIRCLE, NOT SPHERE. The Earth is a FLAT CIRCLE, every Christian knew that for 1000's of years. But science has been working to blind of from that truth for decades! And they almost had us!

So, I asked them to prove me wrong, I asked him to prove to me the World was round WITHOUT science, or as I like to call it 'science fiction' - They could not! Another victory for God!

In truth, I had half expected them to come up with some braindead reply about those flying mechanical metal birds dumb humans like to fly in. You know what I mean. The ones those dumb illiterate towel-headed pig-farmers used to destroy the twin towers. If God had intended man to fly he would have given him wings. Another abomination of science. Man has been trying to fly for centuries, they call this witchcraft. An air-plane is nothing but the evolution of the broomstick that witches used to fly 100s of years ago. They are the work of the Devil, and hated by God. Why do you think a massive metal object can actually fly through the air? Oh, don't give me some dumb scientific explanation, it is sorcery that powers these machines. Anyone who flies in a plane will burn in Hell! Praise Jesus!

God does not want us to meddle in his affairs, cloning humans, creating spastic children, genetics bullshit, so-called scientific advancements are nothing but blasphemy, and can be accounted for as alchemy and sorcery. All filthy scientists will burn come Judgement Day for their part in the Satanic agenda of trying to disprove my God, which carried the ultimate punishment. The Second death, referred to in Revelation. And there shall be a great gnashing of teeth, and their skin shall burn off their bones, and their eyes shall melt into their sockets, and their pain shall last eternity. It's nothing less than they deserve. Amen!

I for one can't wait till you all burn, your blood is on your own heads. Halleluja!